The Teacher Enrichment Grant Program is a cornerstone of the Livingston Education Foundation’s mission to enrich education in the Livingston Public Schools. It is designed to put money directly into the hands of classroom teachers, helping educators take ideas for innovative teaching strategies and make them a reality. Grants will be made each school year to successful applicants who are staff employed by the Livingston School District.


$2,000 Maximum Grant Amount

The Livingston Education Foundation is seeking proposals from any teacher in our school district for academic programs or projects that enrich the curriculum and reinforce creative, innovative and imaginative thinking in the classroom or in after-school programs.

We encourage projects that combine collaboration between grade levels, teachers and/or schools for a classroom activity or an entire school activity.  We also promote partnerships with the Livingston community at large in projects that combine school improvement activities with area businesses and/or community partners

This year we will be fundraising for both Teacher Enrichment Grants (up to $2,000) as well as potential Initiative Grants (over $2,000 which may take more than one school year to complete).  We will be placing emphasis on projects that are self-sustaining.